Enroll Your Daughter in the ‘Voices’ program this fall!

I am very happy to announce that starting September 2013 Voices will be offered for girls in grades 3 through 6 at the Salvation Army location on the corner of Sutherland and Burtch. This will be offered as an afterschool program on Tuesdays and would include:
– your daughter being picked up from school
– participating in an afterschool snack and group activity
– participating in Voices with youth mentors
– and dinner @ 5pm.

The Voices program itself would run from Sept 24th – 19th, but the afterschool program continues into the spring.

If this is something that interests you, please contact Jillian Bonham at the Salvation Army via email at jillb@kelsa.ca, or phone the Salvation Army Community Church @ 250-860-2329 to recieve more information and to register.



Castanet Article – Cyberbullying Legislation in Nova Scotia

New Cyberbullying Legislation?

I found this article interesting. A quote that stood out for me:

“…Kids aren’t getting contracts with cellphone companies or Internet service providers. These are in their parents’ names and their parents should be responsible for how these are being used….”


We Have a Blog!!


Thank you for visiting the new and improved Courage For Youth webpage, and thus discovering our BRAND NEW blog! I am very excited about this tool as it gives us the opportunity to provide current updates on Courage For Youth programming and relevant community events.

If you are looking for information on youth issues, or researching volunteer opportunities you have come to the right place! This blog will provide links to current information on the issues encountered by today’s youth, recent bullying initiatives, updates on Courage For Youth programming and speaking engagements, and information on how you can become involved with Courage For Youth on a volunteer level.


I am excited about this new opportunity and I look forward to connecting with you through this blog and hope that you find it helpful!

Talk soon!

Serena Charleton, Program Coordinator and Facilitator