My Love for Mentoring and How You Can Become Involved

 “To Mentor: to advise or train” 
Mentoring is a process that always involves communication and is relationship based”


 Mentoring has been one of the most amazing and rewarding experiences of my life so far. Being able to develop relationships with young women by sharing honest stories of my past experiences and supporting them through their current struggles is really a gift. I have learned that young girls really want to know that someone has been through what they’ve been through, and that they are NOT ALONE.  Each time I enter a classroom full of beautiful young faces I can tell they are eager to learn and share, and are transfixed when I share stories of bullying. The feeling of connection is amazing, and although I know that to them I am there to ‘teach’ for me I am also there to learn, for these amazing girls have their own incredible stories and their COURAGE is something that I embrace and take with me.

My platform for mentoring has been through the Voices program, first as a volunteer and now as a program facilitator. I love meeting and speaking with young women who share my passion for mentoring our youth. If mentoring as part of the Voices program is something that interests you please email me at and we can start a conversation about becoming involved in this project!

If you are unable to devote time to this type of program remember that you can be a mentor on a daily basis. Everywhere we go there are young girls who see us and are noticing what we wear, how we speak, and how we act toward other women.  Take this opportunity to mentor through example; show these young eyes what you wish you were shown and portray how to be a remarkable woman.

Be Courageous ❤