Happy Valentine’s Day!

Every Valentine’s Day I hear varying opinions of the day. There are those who express distaste for this “Hallmark” holiday, those who make big plans with their love for a day of romance, those who enjoy spoiling their children with gifts, treats, cards, and games, and those single one’s who avoid restaurants on this particular day due to the overwhelming amount of PDA and waitlists to get into restaurants.

I personally love Valentine’s Day. For me it’s a day to celebrate the love we have in our lives. I called my parents, messaged my friends, and spent the day with the man I love. It’s a day where I acknowledge the love I’ve recieved from the people close to me and from strangers alike. Yes I agree that you are encouraged to spend money on this day, but the day is what you make it. I had a beautiful day that consisted of no material gifts just quality time and messages of love and kindness.

When I first turned on my computer this morning the first link on my selected news page was to a video of Ellen Page ‘coming out.’ I watched her beautiful speech at the Thrive conference and listened to her message of love, acceptance, support, and courage and thought that this was such a great moment to share with the world on this “day of love.” I wanted to share it with you and I hope you too will find strength in her message. 

Thank you for your courage Miss. Page, we support, love and accept you! Happy Valentine’s Day ❤

Be Courageous! 



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